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June 7, 2011

Go West Young Woman… Dakar, Senegal, WEST AFRICA!

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Greetings from the ‘Dark Continent,’ ‘The Motherland,’ my own personal PARADISE!

I’m a single woman, Southern Belle by birth, born and reared in the Gulf Coast of America and have lived in my adopted home town of DAKAR, SENEGAL for about 12 years now. I moved over in 1999 with my 3 children (13, 9 & 5 at the time) to educate my kinds in the EXCELLENT INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE PROGRAM that is STANDARD, throughout the ENTIRE COUNTRY! We didn’t even have IB when I was growing up, within 500 miles of our home! Throw in the safety and security of living in a Muslim country, (2nd from the BOTTOM of the world for murders), drug, alcohol & gang free environment, and BEAUTIFUL WEATHER every single day… I came originally as a tourist, moving here was a NO BRAINER!

So young women (and men), don’t be skeered… If you are thinking of ADVENTURE TRAVEL, Senegal is your place. VOLUNTEER TOURISM? We have a NO FEE placement service – always looking for English teachers! If you want to LEARNING FRENCH, Senegal is cheaper than France and FRIENDLIER TOO! Want to perfect your AFRICAN DRUMMING? Learn with the best of the best Senegalese Drummaker and Master Percussionist, Ibou Sene.

Just ‘google’ SenegalStyle and see our 10+ year track record, read the guest reviews and send an email to!


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